Academy of International Business 2013 Annual Meeting

Events and Engagements: June 28, 2013

David Teece will provide the keynote speech on “Dynamic Capabilities and Entrepreneurship in the Multinational Firm” before being presented with the AIB Eminent Scholar Award. The meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 3 to 6. Visit the event page.

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Contemporary Management Technologies

Events and Engagements: June 13, 2013

David Teece presented on strategic management to governors from across Russia at the “Contemporary Management Technologies” meeting, which focused on how to structure management in large-scale teams. The conference was held in Moscow and hosted by Sberbank of Russia. Read more about the conference.

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Sumantra Ghoshal Conference on Managerially Relevant Research

Events and Engagements: June 2, 2013

David Teece was the keynote speaker at the Sumantra Ghoshal Conference on Managerially Relevant Research at London Business School. The annual event focuses on research that matters to managers and highlights the best managerially relevant research from around the world. It brings together researchers to present papers that meet the highest standards of academic rigor, as well as create […]

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