Profiting from Innovation: Building Firm Level and National Competitiveness

Written on March 4, 2013

David Teece spoke at Claremont McKenna College’s Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum. As part of MMC’s Spring 2013 series, Dr. Teece spoke on “Profiting from Innovation: Building Firm Level and National Competitiveness.” In his presentation, Dr. Teece delivered the important message that the development of knowledge assets and capabilities are now central to competitive advantage.

Dr. Teece said, “The flow of information, the expansion of markets, and easier access to complementary assets are stripping away traditional sources of competitive advantage, leaving knowledge and competence as the difficult-to-replicate bottleneck assets which anchor enterprise level competitive advantage. Scale and scope advantages are of limited value on such environments.”

Watch video from the event.

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