Teece Compared to Classical Economist David Ricardo

Written on January 22, 2014

Professor John Cantwell, editor of the Journal of International Business Studies, compared David Teece to classical economist David Ricardo in a recent commentary.  Cantwell stated:

David Teece is well known as a preeminent figure in the business strategy field, whose work has considerably influenced the IB research of many of us. What may not be quite so well known in our community is that David is also a business leader. He is probably the only person in the world who would be qualified to be elected as the AIB Fellows International Executive of the Year, as well as Eminent Scholar!

One thinks in this context of David Ricardo, who in the early nineteenth century was both a business leader and the greatest scholar of his era in the field of political economy. Yet in those days it was not uncommon to combine the worlds of practice and scholarly writing. With the far greater specialization required to master a domain these days, the skillsets needed for business success and academic success are very different in many ways, so to be a leader in both areas is a quite remarkable achievement.

(Cantwell, J. “Revisiting international business theory: a capabilities-based theory of the MNE,” Journal of International Business Studies 45 (2014): 1-7)